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What is a Provisional Patent?

What is a Provisional Patent?

When you create an invention or design, you likely want to protect your creation from misappropriation, which often involves obtaining a patent. The patent application process can be lengthy and costly, however, so many people fail to protect their idea. If you are not the first person to patent a design, you lose your opportunity to do so.

In addition, you might not want to start a patent application because you do not know if your idea is marketable, whether you can afford to promote or produce it, and other reasons. The good news is that there is another option before you get a patent, which is called a provisional patent.

Overview of Provisional Patents

A provisional patent allows you to claim “patent pending” status before you obtain a full patent. If your provisional patent is granted, you have 12 months of temporary protection before you must file a full patent application. Your patent is considered to be filed when you filed for your provisional patent, so it protects against others who might file for a similar patent.

These 12 months allow you to do several important things, including:

  • Find a manufacturer for a product
  • Find a company to develop an app or other technology
  • Find a buyer or licensee for your design
  • Thoroughly complete your patent application
  • Develop prototypes for your patent application

While a provisional patent is temporary, it is a helpful way to protect your invention while you take the necessary steps prior to applying for a full patent.

Learn How a Patent Lawyer in Orlando Can Help

An experienced Orlando patent attorney at the Daniel Law Offices, P.A., can advise whether a provisional patent might be right for you. If you have a new design or invention, do not hesitate to call 866.377.2836 or contact us online to discuss your options for protection today.

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