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International Patents
International Patents

International Patents

Orlando International Patent Attorney

With evolving worldwide markets and trends toward increased globalization, certain overseas markets may have been identified as having value for the growth and development of your invention or idea. If so, the best approach to procuring, exploiting and enforcing your intellectual property rights is through the use of a knowledgeable International Patent Attorney. The United States is a signatory to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and has implemented many provisions that help inventors to protect patents at an international level. Since the PCT establishes an international agreement with over a hundred countries for filing and procuring patents, it is often referred to as an international patent but in reality no such patent currently exists on a global scale. However, the application for patent through the PCT creates a procedure that allows an inventor to reduce the time required for filing foreign patent applications.

An application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty provides inventors with up to 30 months of “Patent Pending” protection in ALL member countries. As such, a PCT application is a valuable instrument and offers most inventors ample protection however since legal standards and enforcement capabilities differ around the world, the value of each foreign patent must be considered individually, preferably by an international patent lawyer, based on “worth versus cost.” Naturally, procuring a United States Patent is extremely valuable for any inventor. Our nation’s legal instrument provides excellent protection for your IP assets in a primary market. Plus, a U.S. patent can always be used to influence many foreign markets when negotiating for international protection.

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