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Infringement Activities
Infringement Activities

Infringement Activities

Patent Infringement Attorneys in Orlando

Did you know that patent infringement is becoming more and more prevalent in the United States? People are infringing on other people’s intellectual property which costs inventors and business owners both time and money. Even if the infringement is accidental the law is blind and deaf to “patent infringement by accident.” If infringement occurs you are entitled to relief however, with new business ideas popping up everywhere, you need sound advice on the proper steps to take in order to protect your patent rights and profits. All types of infringements are serious matters which should be dealt with swiftly.

When conflicts do happen, you need to fully understand your rights as well as the possible rights of the entity you believe is infringing. Our Orlando copyright infringement attorneys are qualified to answer all of your questions regarding violations. The laws that pertain to intellectual property and all ensuing violations can be best explained by a qualified IP attorney from the Daniel Law Offices, P.A. Infringing on the marketing, sales and production of inventions is a very big violation in business law, and many companies who are fully aware of the potential infringement will follow through with legal action. We will explain in detail what constitutes patent infringement and what comprises a “very fine line,” and will assist you in obtaining every possible legal protection for your creations.

Trademark & Patent Enforcement

Have you received a cease and desist letter? Do you need to stop others from stealing your ideas? The first step in pursuing infringement is the issuance of an Infringement Opinion letter. A properly drafted opinion letter from a qualified intellectual property lawyer can be a powerful weapon for dealing with matters of willful infringement. If you’re trying to determine whether you should take action against another party for a patent, trademark or copyright infringement, or if you need help defending your good name against an assertion of infringement, our experienced patent attorneys can provide prompt assistance.

Whether you need help with patent or trademark enforcement, or someone is attempting to enforce their rights against your business, our lawyers can help. In most cases, a properly worded cease and desist letter from our attorney is sufficient to stop the infringing activities. However, in some cases it may be necessary to take the infringer to court. We have experience in handling legal matters, litigation and injunctive relief to protect your business’s assets. If someone has illegally copied your invention, or is infringing your trademark by operating under a similar name or logo, contact our Orlando copyright infringement attorneys for immediate assistance.

To learn more about the practice and the ability of our Orlando copyright infringement attorneys to advance your company’s profit and growth objectives, contact the Daniel Law Offices P.A. at 866.377.2836.

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