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denzel singleton
I’m very picky about who I trust with my valuable information. Daniels law offices are very trustworthy and very quick but thorough. I will recommend this law firm to anyone.
Chelsea LeNoble
I had an excellent experience from initially reaching out via the web form (which not many places actually reply to!) to scheduling a consultation, to conducting the consultation. Very accommodating in the scheduling process and very responsive any time I had questions. The consultation appointment was incredibly helpful. I have no prior experience in this area, so the kinds of insights gained during a single hour were invaluable. I will definitely be contacting this office in the future for any needs related to intellectual property areas of practice.
I did an hour consultation with Daniel and was very satisfied with his honesty and helpfulness in answering my questions. Will definitely use his services when I begin to file my patent.
Jeff Torres
My wife found Daniel online and decided to set up an appointment to meet him for a paid consultation to discuss her options for her ideas and if they were patentable. We agreed on it and we both took off from our jobs to speak with Mr. Daniel. My wife was very nervous but I supported her all of the way through. This guy is amazing and very cool. He is straight forward and willing to go the extra mile for you. I like him because his staff if professional and upon walking in his office it makes you feel like you are in the right spot when it comes to trademarking, IP, and Patents he sets the tone. That’s important to me. He also is not a pushy attorney and encourages clients to really think things through before moving forward. My wife and I will be using Mr. Daniel and look forward to the journey ahead. Thanks Mr. Daniel! Jeff and Armme T
Andy Z
I would highly recommend Daniel Law Office! I have been working on a project for 6 years and am getting ready to roll it out. I needed an IP attorney to review and make recommendations on how to present to potential clients without revealing too much prior to a signed contract. His comments were very insightful, showing me how to not keep things to close to the chest (as most of us inventors tend to be!). As stated in other reviews, I like that he is actually located in Orlando, made for an easy walk. Also, his staff were extremely friendly and helpful while waiting (and Jason met me at our scheduled appointment time – no waiting!). I will be consulting with Jason in the future as I move forward with my project.

I met Jason for a patent consultation back in 2013 and he guided me to do some USPTO research to see the validity and opportunity to file a patent request. A few years of product development and patent search, we were ready to file for both design and utility patents. Jason explained step by step the process , the time frames with the USPTO, and the “what happens if” scenarios. We received our design patent with in the first six months, first utility came about 1.5 years later, second utility came within 6 months after Jasons USPTO office action, third utility came another 6 months after Jasons office action. Having Jason explain in detail the process in advance and have Jasons Patent Legal skillset we have excellent success in getting our products protected. I highly recommend Jason and Daniel Law for patent and trademark work. Jason’s team keeps us updated on progress and communicates clearly. Awarded USPTO :1 design patent Awarded USPTO: 3 separate products with detailed utility patents Thank you Jason and Daniel Law Ralph Rizor
DTEETS123@aol.com Teets
I called Daniel and am so happy I did. His staff is absolutely wonderful. Not only did they answer all my questions but were such a pleasure to deal with. Then, when I met Daniel, I felt that I wasn’t just another number. He took his time to explain it all to me. There was no pressure. He has helped me through everything. I am so happy I called them.

Jim Kucik
I have been working with Daniel for about 3 months. I needed an intellectual property attorney. Finding a new attorney can be hit or miss. It’s a challenge finding someone that gives good REAL WORLD advice and explains your options. I have found that Daniel does just that! Good advice and makes sure you understand the possible outcomes. Good negoitiator that doesn’t go to the table with the easy alternative. I’m a firm believer that an attorney should be paid for services rendered, but how many times have you been milked for questionable hours? Daniel estimated a retainer up front that I paid, but I believe he went over and above the scope and didn’t charge me more. In fact, I told him on few phone calls to bill me, but he didn’t. Feel free to reach out to me if you have you have questions.

Tony Kasik
Attorney Daniel is extremely professional and his knowledge and expertise has really made this process easy.

Pamela McNab-Syvertson
There really is no way to express how fortunate I feel that I found Daniel Law Offices. I was forced to find another patent attorney when the one I retained stopped communication with no explanation. You can imagine how distressing that was. I found Daniel Law through their excellent reviews on Google and it turns out they deserve a full 5 Star rating. They were able to obtain a patent pending in less than 24 hours! Thank you to Daniel Law and the staff there, they live up to the great reviews!

Lorenzo Rubio
I could not be more satisfied with Daniel Law Offices! Both Mr. Daniel and his staff have been extremely helpful and friendly. I am an engineering student and it was pleasant to speak to someone who is knowledgeable in similar topics. I will be happily returning to file more patents and any copyrights/trademarks in the future. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a patent attorney in Florida.

Janell Chambers
We’re excited to work with Daniel Law Offices. They are helpful and knowledgeable and are providing us with exceptional service. Thank you so much!!!

Angel Egle Wierenga
Our documents were taking care of and It was an easy and pleasant experience. If we need them again, we will definitely come back.

Text Book Guyz
Received our first trademark using Daniel Law Offices, P.A! Thank you to Jason Daniel and everyone in the office who helped me through this process! (Meghan and Tisha especially). Very happy with how quickly and smoothly it was to successfully trademark our company name. I loved how friendly and focused they are! Very highly recommended.

Pro Chef Hacks
Excellent firm a pleasure doing business with.

These are the go-to guys

Ron Feingold
This is the place to go if you need a patent. Friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. We have one intentioned patented in just about one year and another on the way! I wouldn’t go anywhere else personally!

Cliff Ford
My experience and first impression with Daniel law office for my patent has been very rewarding. From the start of the process they were up front with what the procedures are going to be and possible time frame it would take from start to finish, regardless if approved or not by the state patent office. And they explained all the legal terms and wording to me toward anyone would understand what was being said in legal terms. My experience to date has been phenomenal and I was always kept in contact of everything concerning my patent. Rather it be them calling or emailing they stayed on top of my patent. Tisha his assistant has been a very great help as well with information and process of my patent via calling, return calls, and emails. And she was very prompt and on time for returning my calls for when I had ANY questions concerning my patent. I couldn’t have asked for any better and friendly experience by anyone else. My patent did get approved and as soon as my patent certificate and license came into their office that very day I received a call and email letting me know and was ready to be picked up. I was NEVER left hanging or in the dark of anything. I have recommended them to my friends, other people and small companies that asked who I used for my patent. Im not one to recommend many people for things and I don’t the wool over anyones eyes when I give reviews and this review of Daniel Law Office truley and honestly deserves 5 stars plus. I have another invention that I’m working on and I WILL go back to them for it as well and future ones.

swish music
It was a great experience I am a military veteran with a college budget and this man was able to take my idea and write me an extremely nice professional patent for a great cost. I would highly suggest his services to any entrepreneurs and inventors in the Orlando area. He was a kind lawyer who was not only concerned about money, well more concerned about pleasing his clients. Really nice law office with an incredible staff and I will go back there if I ever have another patent.

Brian Foshee
Great experience. Looking forward to working with Jason.

Very professional lawyer office it follows the file. Until the end. He informs us at each step of the file

Charles Parson
I would like to thank Daniel’s law office for such a remarkable experience. I couldn’t ask for better service. My patent WAS approved and they kept me informed on everything, step by step. Thanks alot!! Charles Parson

William Perez
I do not hesitate to recommend Jason Daniel and his law firm to any individual.. or company seeking an expert in Patent Law.
I consider my company lucky to have Daniel Law Offices, P.A. handle our patent work. My opinion is that Jason is thorough and on the mark. Our recent patent application and its success serves as a perfect example of Jason’s expertise, willingness to keep me informed, and his personal ability to get a successful outcome.
His opinions are accurate and I trust his judgment; it has proven to be excellent.
Thank you, Jason.
William Perez
CEO & Founder
Wauntroba LLC

Ron Feingold
Knowledgeable and customer service oriented, this is the place to go if you need a patent!

Frantz Baron
I Called and a Young lady named Danielle gave me personalized attention . She was very Professional and very helpful. I’ve have nothing but great things to say about Daniel Law Offices. And I would recommend them to anyone. I am looking forward to working with them again in the future. Thanks for a great job.

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