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What is a Patent Demand Letter?

What is a Patent Demand Letter?

If someone is suspected of infringing on patent rights, the first step is often to send them a demand letter. If done properly, a demand letter is often all you need to resolve the matter, especially if the letter comes from a patent lawyer in Orlando. There are different approaches when it comes to the demand letter, and this communication might include:

  • Inquiries regarding the product in question and whether it includes a particular patent
  • Offers to license the use of the patent as a jumping-off point of negotiations, which can prevent litigation and result in favorable licensing agreements
  • A cease and desist letter that demands payments of royalties or discontinuation of the patent use

When a demand letter comes from a patent attorney, it sends the message that the patent holder intends and has the means to litigate the matter should the demand letter be ignored. If you reach an agreement stemming from the demand letter, you can avoid litigation altogether in many situations.

If you receive a demand letter, it is important to discuss the matter with a patent attorney as soon as possible. Some demand letters are not justified, as you might not be using the patent in question. If there is no basis for a legal claim in patent court, the demand letter might have been sent in bad faith. Your attorney can identify when a letter is not valid to prevent you from agreeing to licensing fees or other unnecessary actions.

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