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Types of Copyright Infringement

Types of Copyright Infringement

When you have a copyright, other parties can infringe on your ownership rights in different ways. Each copyright infringement case is unique, and you want to have the right copyright lawyer in Orlando handling your case. The following are some examples of what copyright infringement claims might allege.

  • Infringement of the right of reproduction – This claim arises when another party reproduces copies of your copyrighted work in a fixed form without permission from the copyright owner.
  • Infringement of the right of distribution – This means that someone else had copies of the copyright and sold or distributed them to others without license from the copyright owner.
  • Infringement of the right to derivative works – You can bring this claim when someone creates a new work that is based on your original work, or they modify your work and try to present it as a different version. For example, another party who produced a movie based on a novel you wrote could be infringing for this reason.
  • Infringement of the right of public display – This arises when someone displays your copyrighted content online or physically without authority. For instance, a DJ should not play your song at a nightclub or on the radio without the proper license.
  • Infringement of the right of public performance – You can assert this claim when another party performs your work that is copyrighted in public without permission.

It is important to have an Orlando copyright attorney who knows how to identify the specific nature of your claim, as well as how to prove each element of the claim in court if needed.

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