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Legal Relief for Trademark Infringement

Legal Relief for Trademark Infringement

You have invested time and money in building the brand value of your business. You may have even registered the trademark, which represents how people identify your company or products. If someone else infringes on your trademark, you may be entitled to legal relief.

First, you should contact an experienced attorney for their guidance. Your attorney may send a cease-and-desist letter to the violator or otherwise communicate your position to them. If you cannot reach a resolution, you may need to take your case to court.

You would usually seek two things in a trademark infringement case. The first thing that you would ask is for the court to put a stop to the offending behavior. You would need immediate relief to prevent further damage. Your attorney would ask the court to issue an injunction to keep the defendant from violating your intellectual property rights. The judge could issue a preliminary injunction while the case is pending and a permanent one if they ultimately rule in your favor.

Second, you may seek monetary damages for a trademark infringement. The defendant may be ordered to pay you both your actual losses and statutory damages. Federal law states that they may even be ordered to pay many multiples of the statutory damages if you can prove that they willfully infringed your trademark.

It is essential for you to act quickly to put an end to trademark infringement. Otherwise, your business can lose a considerable amount of money.

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