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Protecting Your Invention

Protecting Your Invention

Coming up with a new invention is an exciting time. You might know that you have a product that will be successful, but it is imperative that you take certain steps to protect your invention and ensure success. Two important steps include patenting your invention and trademarking your brand.


Applying for a patent can be a complex task. You first need to make sure that your invention is patentable before you go through the process. Often, even if your invention is patentable, your application can be denied due to insufficient supporting documents or information. Obtaining a patent takes time and resources, so you want to have proper legal assistance throughout this process. In many cases, inventors might obtain a provisional patent first to shop their product around, and might later apply for full patent protection.


While patents are closely associated with inventions, many inventors fail to consider the importance of trademarks. If you are starting your own business to sell your invention, you definitely want to protect your brand. There are several steps to the trademark process, including selecting a brand name and logo that is protectable and applying for federal protection. Even though trademark ownership is established when you begin using the mark, obtaining a formal trademark provides you with many rights that can help to ensure your company brand is fully protected.

Whether you are starting a company or planning to license your invention design, you should discuss necessary intellectual property decisions with an experienced attorney.

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