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Patent Rights for Co-Inventors

Patent Rights for Co-Inventors

Sometimes, two minds are certainly better than one, and partners work together to invent something novel. While collaborating might have been beneficial during the design process, it can complicate matters when it comes to protecting the design as intellectual property. Can two inventors share patent ownership? What happens if there is a dispute? Always discuss this situation with an Orlando patent lawyer.

Equal Rights for Co-Owners

The law provides all co-owners with the same rights to the patent, whether they played a major or minor role in the conception of the invention. Sometimes, when many people contributed, it can be difficult to determine who was part of the conception or not. However, representing accurate inventorship can result in serious problems should someone challenge the patent in court.

Additional issues may arise when one inventor who spent many more hours on the project expects to receive greater compensation than someone who played a smaller role. They might realize that everyone has the same rights, regardless of the scope of the contribution.

These rights include to:

  • Make the invention
  • Use the invention
  • Offer to sell the invention
  • Sell the invention

Any owner can do this without the consent of the other owners. To prevent one owner from doing something with the patent that is not agreed upon, co-owners should always formalize their relationship like any other business deal. A lawyer can help you understand the co-owner relationship and what to expect.

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