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What is the Most Common Type of Patent?

What is the Most Common Type of Patent?

Utility patents are known as patents for inventions, and they are by far the most common type of patent. Of the roughly 12 million patents issued by the USPTO, roughly 11 million of them have been utility patents. The other two types of patents are design patents and plant patents. It is much more difficult to get a utility patent than it is a design patent. The USPTO has stringent requirements for what must be submitted with your application.

One applies for a utility patent for inventions such as machines, processes, compositions of matter, and articles of manufacture. Here, the inventor makes a new or improved product or process. A utility patent gives the inventor exclusive rights to their own invention for a period of time and prevents others from trying to profit from it.

Utility patents are commonly machines and other products. However, an innovative business process could also qualify for a utility patent. In order to qualify for a utility patent, the invention must be novel and non-obvious.

One must apply for a utility patent to the USPTO. Before they file the application, they must perform a comprehensive patent search to see if there are any similar existing patents. Then, the patent examiner will review the application to see if it meets the requirements for a patent. The examiner may have objections or issues that could be resolved through dialogue. Thus, it is essential to have an experienced patent attorney working with you throughout the process.

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