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Can You Apply for a Patent Without a Lawyer

Can You Apply for a Patent Without a Lawyer

There is no legal requirement in federal patent laws for you to have an attorney. However, hiring a lawyer is a smart investment that could increase your chances of success. There are numerous steps in the patent process that could be difficult to navigate on your own.

One of the first key times when you will need an attorney is when you must perform a patent search before applying. You must look for related patents that may be similar to yours. A patent search is not something that can be haphazardly done. You must know which databases to search and the full extent of the inquiry that you need to make. The last thing that you want is to invest the time and money into an invention and the patent process, only to learn that there was a similar patent that you should have known about. A thorough patent search can also keep you from a potential patent infringement lawsuit.

Then, you would need an attorney to help you prepare the actual application. You must describe why your invention should receive a patent in a way that would persuade the examiner.

Your application may not be entirely smooth sailing. Your potential patent could be challenged by the examiner, who comes back to you with questions. Someone else may challenge your patent if they believe that your invention is similar to theirs. There may be a need to litigate your patent case when it is denied.

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