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Patent Infringement Case Regarding Fitness Bikes

Patent Infringement Case Regarding Fitness Bikes

Fitness startup Peloton Interactive has achieved significant success in recent years with its in-home fitness bikes and video subscription that brings fitness classes into your living room. In early October, Peloton filed a lawsuit against a company called Echelon Fitness, claiming that Echelon is infringing on Peloton’s patent and affecting the company’s sales.

Echelon sells similar fitness bikes for homes, as well as a subscription service. In addition, Peloton claims the following:

  • Echelon produces cheap copycat bikes that are nowhere near the quality of the Peloton bike
  • Echelon uses false comparisons to Pelaton in its advertising to convince customers they are getting the same product for a much better price (Echelon bikes start at $799 while the Peloton experience costs more than $2200)

Peloton claims that because of Echelon’s deceptive comparison of its inferior product to Peloton’s product, Peloton has lost customers who believe they can get the same product for nearly a third of the price. Peloton’s shares have gone down 20 percent, and the company alleges it is due to the wrongful patent infringement by Echelon.

Patent Litigation

When someone else dilutes the quality of your patent by selling a copycat that does not meet your production standards, you have the right to take legal action to uphold your patent rights and seek damages. It is important that all startups obtain the right patents to protect their product designs and, ultimately, the success of their company. If you need to apply for a patent or believe another party is infringing on your patent rights, discuss the matter with a patent lawyer in Orlando right away.

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