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Who Should You Tell About a New Invention?

Who Should You Tell About a New Invention?

When you are working on a new invention, there are definite risks to loose lips. Until you patent the invention, your intellectual property is at risk. Therefore, you should be very careful about whom you tell. Your rights to your own work are at stake.

Many inventors will try to insist on a non-disclosure agreement before they talk to anyone about their invention. This does not always work, as some of the people who you need to speak with (investors, licensees) do not make it a practice to sign an NDA. The balance of power is often in favor of the people who you need to make your invention work, so they do not need to do what they do not want.

Patents Are Given to the First to File

Outside this, you should keep your invention close hold. You may want to poll a select few of your family and friends about what you are doing. Even then, you must be very selective. The first person to patent an invention has the rights to it without many questions asked.

Besides being careful about whom to tell, you should also spare details of what you tell. If you give details about your invention to people, it becomes public knowledge. You cannot get a patent for something that is public knowledge. Therefore, while you can broadly discuss your idea, do not give out actual details that would disseminate the hows behind your invention. Speaking to a lawyer early in your invention process will give you an idea of what you can and cannot say.

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