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Can You Get a Patent Without a Lawyer?

Can You Get a Patent Without a Lawyer?

Of course, you may be able to get a patent without a lawyer. The real question is whether you should try to get a patent without a lawyer, and the answer is no. Although you could theoretically succeed on your own, an attorney will increase your chances of success and help you avoid pitfalls.

Before you can apply for a patent, you should do an extensive search through patent databases and publicly available sources to determine whether there are similar patents out there. An attorney knows where to search and what may be considered similar. It would be a waste of time and money to apply for a patent only to learn that your invention could not have been patented in the first place.

Then, the patent examiner may have questions or concerns about the patent application. The process often involves dialogue with the examiner in response to issues they may raise. An attorney knows how the process works and how to communicate with the patent examiner.

The patent examiner may object to or reject your application. In that event, you would need to go through a legal process that could eventually lead to court. It is better to invest in your patent application so there is a better chance that you do not end up in that place. Hiring an attorney could also help you be prepared for possible litigation if it is necessary. Legal help is one area where it makes sense for you to spend a little extra.

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