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What Businesses Need Intellectual Property Protections?

What Businesses Need Intellectual Property Protections?

As a business owner, you have a lot to deal with. One thing on your list should be intellectual property protections, as most companies need them. If you are unsure what protections are available or need assistance seeking them, consult with an Orlando IP lawyer as soon as possible.

Products or Designs

Does your company sell products? If so, every invention you sell should be patented first. The same goes if your company designed new software or came up with an improvement to existing products or programs. Some companies might start with a provisional patent application, while others will start with the full patent application. In either case, you should have legal guidance through this process.

Creative Works

Does your company have creative works, such as writings, musical recordings, designs, or other artwork? If so, you should obtain a copyright to protect those works from being misused by others. If others are trying to wrongfully profit from or use your works, you need to be able to assert your ownership and seek damages.


Even if you do not sell products or have creative works, you can still benefit from trademarking your company’s brand. This includes your logos, slogans, company name, and more. This helps solidify your brand and prevents others from freely misappropriating your brand. Getting an official trademark from the USPTO increases your rights to take legal action against infringers.

Trade Secrets

If you want to protect proprietary information for your company, you need to take steps to turn that information into trade secrets of your company. This can include designs, processes, client lists, and more.

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