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How IP Can Launch Your Business

How IP Can Launch Your Business

When you think about starting a successful business, you might focus on your accounting, pricing, and how you can rake in the most money as quickly as possible. You might not consider how your company’s intellectual property can help launch your business on the path to success.

Inventions, branding, and other IP are often worth more than anything else at the start of a business. This IP can be your most valuable asset, as well as grow exponentially in value as your company grows. It is essential that you protect your intellectual property and use it to your advantage as you begin your business.

Branding your business

Without attention-catching branding, how will potential customers notice your company? Everyone notices Nike’s swoosh and Apple’s simple yet highly recognizable logo on all its electronics. Your brand and trademarks involve company names, logos, slogans, and other identifiable marks associated with your company. The last thing you want is for another business to challenge your trademark or use your trademark to confuse customers and take your business.


If your business is selling a product that you designed, you need to protect the design before you present it to the public. You might apply for a patent or, possibly, a provisional patent to start. Obtaining a patent can ensure that another party cannot steal your idea, and it allows you to license the patent if needed to maximize your company’s revenue.

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