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What if Your Child Invents Something?

What if Your Child Invents Something?

Children often have wild imaginations, which can be beneficial for the world when kids invent things that make our lives easier or even work to save lives. If your child invents something, never assume that it is simply a cute childhood pipe dream, as many child inventors go on to find success with their products.

It is important to protect your child’s invention just like you would any other, and it is always wise to discuss your options with an Orlando patent lawyer if you believe in the potential of the invention. The following are some examples of child inventions that are now part of our everyday culture.

Trampoline – A 16-year-old invented the first “bouncing rig” in 1930, which morphed into the modern-day trampoline that many people have in their backyards, as well as many athletes and entertainers use for safety protections.

Popsicle – An 11-year-old accidentally invented the popsicle by leaving a stirring stick in liquid on the front porch on a cold night. He later started making these as treats and established the “Popsicle” brand name.

Earmuffs – A 15-year-old with cold ears asked his grandmother for help attaching beaver skin pads to a wire headband, and he went on to sell 400,000 pairs.

Pediatric backpacks – A nine-year-old cancer survivor found it difficult to move around the room with all the tubes and wires from cancer and other medical treatments. Now, kids can move better with the Pediatric IV Backpack that allows children with IVs to move easier, making treatments more bearable for many.

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