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New Inventions in 2019

New Inventions in 2019

Many people have ideas for inventions, and some people take the steps to make them a reality and change the way the world works. The following are some examples of innovative inventions so far in 2019. If you are inspired to develop your own invention, you should speak with a skilled patent lawyer in Orlando today.

Adaptive Controller for Xbox

Microsoft engineers designed a controller for Xbox that allows individuals with limited mobility in their arms and hands to be included in gaming. The device was inspired by cerebral palsy advocacy groups.

The Mirror

You can hang this mirror in your home, and when you are ready to work out, the mirror will stream live workouts and provide inspiration from a fitness coach who appears in the “mirror.” This is the newest in home workout innovations.


When you are at a music festivals, sporting events, or another large gathering, it is all too easy to get separated from friends or family members. LynQ is GPS-powered, so it allows you to track the location of loved ones even when cell service is spotty.

Gravity Blankets

When people have anxiety, a weighted cover called a gravity blanket can help. The blanket can also help individuals with sleep disorders or everyday stress.

These are only a few of the many new inventions that are on the market in 2019. Will your invention be the next technological breakthrough or improvement for 2020?

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