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How to Secure Your Intellectual Property

How to Secure Your Intellectual Property

You have worked hard and invested a lot of time and money in developing your intellectual property. The last thing that you want is for someone to make money from your effort and take away your ability to use what you worked so hard to build.

There are several protections available to you under federal law:

  • A patent protects your inventions, designs, and processes that are not obvious and useful
  • A copyright protects your original works, such as a song or a manuscript
  • A trademark protects your brand identity and symbols

Each form of intellectual property protection involves its own process that you need to go through to secure your own rights. You would need to be granted a patent or trademark and register your copyright in order to take legal action against someone who violates your rights.

Once you have established your right to your intellectual property, you can file a lawsuit if someone infringes upon them. You must enforce your own rights – nobody will do it for you.

Intellectual property could also include your trade secrets that are not subject to the processes mentioned above. The Trade Secrets Act and state laws prohibit certain actions to take your trade secrets. For example, someone may not be able to hire a former employee who can tell them about your corporate secrets and processes. You might need to file a lawsuit if someone has stolen your trade secrets. Again, this is an action that you would need to take on your own with the help of a lawyer.

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