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Intellectual Property Law FAQ

Intellectual Property Law FAQ

Intellectual property (IP) is a valuable asset for businesses or individual artists or inventors. The law provides ways to protect your IP from misappropriation or use by others without authority, and an intellectual property lawyer in Orlando can advise you of your legal options. The following are only a few frequently asked questions about IP laws.

What are my options for IP protection?

The types of protections available to you depend on the type of intellectual property you want to protect, as follows:

  • Copyright = This protects original creative works, including songs, writings, photos, physical art, and more.
  • Trademark = This protects aspects of a company‚Äôs brand, such as a name, logo, slogan, or symbol.
  • Patent = This protects inventions, formulas, or material improvements on existing inventions or formulas.
  • Trade secrets = This protects any proprietary information of a company, including inventions, designs, formulas, client information, operational systems, and any other confidential information.

What happens if someone infringes on my IP rights?

Once you have an IP protection in place, other parties need authority to use your intellectual property. If another individual or business uses your IP without permission, you can seek legal remedies, including a court order for them to cease the use of your IP and, in many situations, seek monetary damages.

Should I license my intellectual property?

Whether issuing a license to use your IP is a good idea will depend on the situation. Licensing can be lucrative for many IP owners, though you want to ensure you have a strong licensing agreement that protects your rights and interests.

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