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Do You Need to Register a Trademark for Protection?

Do You Need to Register a Trademark for Protection?

Your company has worked hard to build its name and brand value with the public. However, if you do not take action to protect it, someone else may be able to benefit from your own hard work. In order to achieve the maximum amount of protection, you should consider registering your trademark.

Without registration, you may still have some common law protection, but it would be limited to a certain geographic area. In addition, the scope of your rights may be undefined.

When you register your trademark, you may get a permanent right to it., so long as you continue to use your trademark in commerce.  The public would have noticed that you have the right to the trademark, and there would be a legal presumption that you own it. If you need to prove ownership in court, your registration certificate would provide the evidence that you need. In addition, your trademark registration would enable you to register for similar protections in foreign countries.

Then, if someone infringes on your trademark, your registration would give you the legal right to sue them in court. Not only could you make the wrongful behavior stop, but you may also be able to obtain damages for the violation of your intellectual property rights. The existence of trademark protection should serve to deter someone else who tries to use your property.  The public would know that your trademark is protected through the use of the trademark symbol next to your intellectual property. An experienced attorney could help you with the trademark registration process.

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