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Do You have a COVID-19-Related Invention?

Do You have a COVID-19-Related Invention?

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been detrimental to many people and businesses for many reasons, there are some interesting things that have come from 2020. Many people have invented new products or apps that help people navigate the restrictions of the pandemic and keep themselves safe by minimizing possible exposure.

Some unique pandemic ideas include:

  • One cafe in Germany has patrons wear social distancing hats made from pool noodles
  • A supermarket released an app so shoppers can determine when are the least crowded times to go to the store
  • Nintendo‚Äôs popular game Animal Crossing allows you to go on virtual vacations to see international landmarks and attractions
  • Certain companies launched vending machines for people to buy masks and other PPE on the go
  • Pre-designed floor coverings show people how to stand six feet away from one another in lines
  • Face masks and coverings have been released for nearly every occasion, including pouches to keep masks clean in cars and bags

When some people see struggle and separation, others might see opportunities to design something new for our forever-changed society. These inventions can last post-pandemic, but it is important for inventors of novel and marketable apps and items to properly protect their inventions.

Some inventors might want to seek a full patent right away, while others might want to start with a provisional patent or other applicable intellectual property protections. An experienced inventions lawyer in Orlando can review your idea and advise you on the possible avenues to protect that idea.

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