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Three Tips for Crafting an Effective and Protectable Tagline

When developing your company or product brand, a great tagline can be an essential tool. A tagline is a catchphrase or slogan designed to be memorable enough to be instantly recognizable and to bring your brand to the mind of prospective customers. But it's not as easy as you might think. Orlando's Daniel Law Offices offer these three top tips for crafting an effective and legally protectable tagline.

  • Keep it simple: Three to five words work best. Consider a few of the most enduringly recognizable taglines - Nike's "Just do it," Wendy's "Where's the beef?" and American Express' "Don't leave home without it." Anything longer will prove less memorable and, therefore, less effective.
  • Paint a picture: The best taglines help potential customers see themselves benefiting from a particular brand's service or product. How many times have you seen or heard Nike's "Just do it" and pictured yourself working out or playing a sport? Make sure your tagline is descriptive enough to let customers know just how your brand can improve their lives and to elicit a response.
  • Make sure it's protectable: In order to qualify for trademark protection, your tagline must be  inherently distinctive and creative or have developed enough secondary meaning to immediately call a product or service to mind. An example of secondary meaning is the phrase, "You're in good hands." Despite being a generic phrase used for centuries, it's now developed enough recognition to be immediately connected with insurance provider Allstate, which adopted the tagline back in 1950.

To assure your chosen tagline is eligible for trademark protection, contact Orlando's Daniel Law Offices at 407-841-8375 or toll-free at 866-37PATENT.

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