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Innovative New Product Helps Avoid Kids Being Left in Hot Cars

While it seems incredulous to many, busy schedules, stressful lifestyles or simple distractions often are to blame for parents and caregivers forgetting that their infant or toddler are in the back seat, sleeping or quietly playing. The result can be devastating. On average, 38 children die each year from heat-related deaths after being left or trapped inside hot cars. Those who survive face potential long-term effects including kidney problems, blood clots and lung malfunction.

To help curb the problem, Richard Zachar and George Bloukos, two former stockbrokers living in Florida, have created the Bee Alert system, designed to help remind parents that they have little passengers depending on them. Bee-Alert is a light-activated audio alert that’s easily installed in the well of the driver's door. When the door is opened, a verbal command instantly reminds the driver to check the back seat before locking up and walking away.

The Bee-Alert is affordable and available online. It's also highly recommended for pet owners, as thousands of dogs die in hot cars each year nationwide. And, the Bee-Alert can be programmed for alerts in several foreign languages.

Daniel Law Offices is proud to have been a part of bringing the Bee-Alert to market. The Orlando-based firm handled the inventors' patent application and successfully secured protection under US Patent 8,847,747.

Do you have an idea for an invention designed to address an important child or pet safety issue? We can help. Contact Daniel Law Offices at 866-37PATENT and speak with an experienced patent and trademark attorney today. 

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