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National Flags And Your Trademark

In a world were international commerce has become the norm, often times businesses and organizations want to demonstrate their multiculturalism in their trademarks. This can be a slippery slope between what is allowed and not allowed.

The United States has been part of the Paris Convention since 1911. Over the past century, the United Sates, along with over 174 other countries have signed this treaty and agreed to refuse or invalidate trademark registrations which contain the flags or emblems of the other member countries under Article 6 of the Paris Convention.

The question comes then, how can a business or organization use a flag or national emblem in their trademark. One way to do this is to not use an entire flag, for instance, using a portion of the flag in a circular shape, or as a background.

If you plan on using a flag design in your trademark, contact Orlando's Daniel Law Offices at 866-37PATENT and make sure you are protected.


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