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Online Piracy by the Numbers

In a recent survey, a full 70 percent of respondents admit they see nothing wrong with online piracy, the unauthorized use or reproduction of another's created work. That's a disturbing figure, considering the financial and reputational harm that this form of theft does to the people and companies who find themselves victims.

Consider these statistics:

  • Websites that host pirated content receive more than 146 million visitors each day.
  • Piracy costs the music industry upward of $12.5 billion in economic losses each year.
  • 71,060 people lose their jobs each year because of online piracy activities.
  • Those who keep their jobs lose some $2.7 billion in workers' earnings to piracy each year.
  • 95 percent of music downloaded online is illegal.
  • The average iPod holds some $800 worth of pirated music.
  • 42 percent of software running on computers not just here in the US but worldwide was downloaded illegally.
  • More than 75 percent of the world's computers have at least one application that was downloaded illegally.

Top targets for online piracy are movies, television shows, music, games, software and e-books. And the justifications that offenders use are plentiful. Many argue that major film producers, music celebrities and best-selling authors have plenty of money and won't miss the few dollars that a single download will cost; that digital content is too expensive; that already owning the content in one format should automatically afford them the right to the same content in all formats; that creatives should simply be happy creating content for art's sake; and that "everyone's doing it."

Understand that if you are illegally downloading content, you can be held legally and financially liable. If you believe that your created work is being pirated online, contact Orlando's Daniel Law Offices at 866-37PATENT.

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