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Costco on the Hook for Counterfeit Tiffany Diamond Rings

Clearing the way for what is expected to be a highly contentious legal case, a federal judge this week found wholesale giant Costco liable for passing off counterfeit Tiffany diamond rings. US District Judge Laura Taylor Swain ruled that the Issaquah, Washington-based company knowingly infringed upon trademarks held by the famed New York-based jeweler, Tiffany & Co., by selling bogus diamond engagement rings using the Tiffany name.

Attorneys for Costco argued that the term "Tiffany" is a generic one that denotes a particular type of ring setting. But the US District Court in Manhattan didn't buy that claim and has ordered Costco back to court in October to face a jury trial that will determine damages.

"Despite Costco's arguments to the contrary, the court finds that, based on the record evidence, no rational finder of fact could conclude that Costco acted in good faith in adopting the Tiffany mark," Swain wrote in her ruling.

While Tiffany is a world-renowned jewelry brand and millions of dollars potentially are at stake in this case, it's important to note that the same trademark laws that protect major companies also protect product designers and makers of all sizes. If you believe that your trademarked brand is being infringed upon, or of you're looking to secure trademark protection for your products and brand, call Daniel Law Offices at 866-377-2836 today.

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